Santorini beaches you must visit once in your life

Your visit to Santorini will be incomplete without experiencing the most beautiful beaches in the destination. Greece has beautiful beaches to enjoy but the best ones are located in Santorini. Here we have the list of the best beaches you must visit in Santorini.

1-Kamari beach

It is the most touristy and upscale beach of Santorini. The path along the beach is relaxing and you can have long strolls in the evening. There are several destinations along the beach where you can eat and drink. It is a family-friendly beach with a fun vibe. It is not only close to the airport but also to Caldera and Fira. If you are planning to stay in a beach town, Kamari will be the best option.

2-Perissa beach

Perissa is a very long beach that is perfect for the party animals and backpackers out there. There are often impromptu beach parties here. There are several restaurants where you can enjoy quality food. Despite having a party scene there are many great accommodation options where people like to live. As you move south towards the third beach you will notice that the beach will become quieter.

3-Perivolos Beach

As so will keep moving towards the south the name of Perissa beach to Perivolos. However, the vibe and sand of the area are the same. You can have long walks on the beach that is very relaxing but if you are looking for restaurants and hotels it might not be the right place.

4-Red Beach

It has the pebbly sand in a red shade that is a gorgeous backdrop and simply stunning. The unique scenery of the Red beach is simply mesmerizing.

  • From Fira the beach is only 20 minutes’ drive away
  • It might seem like the walk from the beach is a little steep
  • While taking picture stay away from the falling rocks (for obvious reasons!)


This is the best beautiful and family-friendly beach in Santorini. The biggest attraction of the beach is that most of the people love to make beautiful sand castles. There is a small collection of restaurants and hotels. The beach has a shallow slope that makes it perfect for the kids compared to some of the other beaches. There is a small play area where kids can have quality time. The weather and atmosphere of the place is amazing, and you cannot expect a lot of action. If you have kids around Monolithos would be the perfect destination for you.

6-Ammoudi Bay

If you are looking for a swimming spot in Santorini, Ammoudi Bay will be the perfect spot. You can take the path down from Oia to Ammoudi port and there are several restaurants where you can have a delicious dinner along the rocks and beautiful blue water. There is small inland along the Ammoudi Bay where you can swim to and have a swimming competition with your friends.

Make sure you are careful at the beaches because there have been complains about the falling rocks. It is important that you plan your way towards the beaches because once you get there you might not want to leave because of the beautiful sunset. Assure that you visit each one of the beaches especially if you are alone.

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