Places To Visit

The Magical Sunset

Most of the tourists are attracted towards Santorini due to its magical sunset that comes from the whitewashed cave architecture of Caldera. If you happen to catch the sunset at Santorini you will notice that it is the most mesmerizing and beautiful sunset that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. While sailing around the island you can experience some of the beautiful sunsets like

  • Edge of Oia
  • Quieter viewpoint along Akrotiri
  • Caldera

If you want to select one of the best spots make sure that you reach Oia at least 30 minutes before the sunset. You will experience all the changes that take place in the color and how the day changes to night in a matter of seconds. Do not forget your glass of wine because it is the best way to enjoy the sunset.

Beautiful Church Dome

Most of the people dream about having their engagement or wedding in the blue dome church at Santorini or at least their honeymoon pictures taken at that spot. There are many blue domes that are scattered around Santorini and make sure that you visit each one of them. The buildings have white cubic architecture. They are mostly hidden behind the narrow alleyways. You whenever you notice a lot of people hiding behind the little alleyways make sure that you follow them because they are going in the direction of blue domes.

Local Wine and Greek Cuisines

When you are in Santorini make sure that you try all the delicious Greek cuisines. There are many amazing restaurants and you will find some of the amazing street food items that you cannot ignore at any cost. They have special Greek cheese that makes every food item delicious. Similarly, the wine that you will find in Santorini is the best quality drink. You will not get the same flavor and uniqueness in any other part of the world. It seems like they have taken their wine to the next level. Even your oldest vintage wine will not have the same great flavor as the glass you will enjoy in Santorini.

Final Word

We know that you are not going to leave the place without going out for some shopping. There are several luxury boutiques that have the finest collection of jewelry. You can buy some of the amazing gifts for your loved ones from the gifts shops that you will find in the hotels.

It is important that you book your hotels and flights in advance so that you will not have to change your plan. Even with friends, Santorini will provide you the chance to have the best experience and the relaxation you will get here is not available in any other tourist destination.

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