Best Restaurants in Santorini

Santorini is famous for its amazing sunsets and memorable blue domes. It is the most visited destination for weddings and honeymoon but recently tourists are showing interest in the location because they want to explore more. There are beautiful beaches and amazing locations where you can spend some quality time. However, your trip will never be successful if you are not able to enjoy some of the delicious meals that are served at Santorini. Here we have the mist of some best restaurants that you should visit during your trip to Santorini.


Established in 1986, Selene has maintained the tradition of using the local ingredients and herbs in their cuisines. You will enjoy some of the delicious meals as well as you will get the chance to participate in the cooking classes and learn how to cook the Greek dished.

Aktaion Taverna

It is one of the historical restaurants in Santorini that was build 90 years ago. The interior artwork done by the owners is simply mesmerizing. Over the past few years, the hotel has completely changed but they have maintained their traditional flavors and the menu is still the same. It is located in a beautiful village near Santorini.


The restaurant was established in 1847 and since then they have been presenting their guests with the best quality meals. All their dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and the chefs assure to keep the natural flavor of the ingredients so that customers can enjoy the meal in its natural form. It is the perfect escape destination and the rooftop will allow you to enjoy your meal with perfect views.

Sunset by Paraskevas

It is the oldest and one of the most famous restaurants in Santorini.

  • Here you will find the chefs that have more than 30 years of experience
  • You can enjoy some delicious seafood and Greek cuisines
  • Their lobster pasta recipe is the best
  • They have unique location near the harbor that makes it even more perfect

Atlantis island

Located near the beach it is an amazing destination. The interior of the restaurant is amazing. You will feel like you have come to a completely new world. Considering the food they have some of the most delicious dishes and their chefs assure that you will enjoy the quality meal. Get the table by the window and enjoy the view of the sea.

Bottom line

In case that you visit Santorini in the wedding season make sure that you reserve your seat in the restaurants so that you can enjoy the meal. You have to assure that you will miss some of the amazing Greek cuisines that are not available anywhere else. There are many street food destinations as well where you can enjoy quality food. Make sure that you order all the dishes that you will not get anywhere else because that is the only way you will know how the chefs at Santorini play with flavor to offer some quality meals.


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